2014 Movie Costumes

20 March 2014

Superhero and movie costumes have always been a favorite for people of all ages. This year there are quite a few new movies coming out with costumes to match. Let’s take a look at some popular movies being released this year and some costume ideas!     Muppets Adult Miss Piggy Costume Child Captain America […]

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Happy Villain-tine’s Day!

14 February 2014

While most of the world is focused on flowers, chocolates and everything lovey dovey today, we decided to salute our favorite villains, in what we’re calling Villain-tine’s Day!  In honor of those evil master minds who try to end the world, kidnap the girl, and rule the universe we’ve put together a list of our […]

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Sexy Costumes For Valentine’s Day

07 February 2014

You can add a bit of fun and sex appeal to your Valentine’s Day celebration this year by dressing up in one of these costumes for your sweetie.   So after you get back from your romantic dinner, slip into one of these costumes and let the frisky fun begin! Pucker Up Baby Sexy Pink Cop […]

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2014 Movie Costume Trends We Hope To see

10 January 2014

It’s always fun at the beginning of a new year to try and predict what Halloween costumes are going to be big.  Pop culture has become such a big influence on society that looking ahead to blockbuster movies is a good way to indicate what costumes might be big this year.  Of course, who could’ve […]

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Christmas Movies & Costumes

10 December 2013

Christmas season is upon us, which of course is the most wonderful time of the year!  Now that the weather has turned colder, it’s the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch with a loved one and watch a classic Christmas movie.  Here’s a list of some of our favorite Christmas movies and some […]

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Thanksgiving Dinner Skits

21 November 2013

Does your family have any Thanksgiving traditions?  Some families decorate their Christmas tree Thanksgiving night.  Some families go around the dinner table and say what they’re thankful for.  And some families include a skit in their Thanksgiving festivities.   We think a skit is a great way to educate young ones on the history of Thanksgiving, […]

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Halloween Candy Shelf Life

01 November 2013

Trick or treating with your kids last night was a success!  Everyone had fun, their costumes were adorable and they collected more candy than you know what to do with it.  So now what?  How do you keep your kids from stuffing their faces with those sugary treats?  The key is to ration it throughout […]

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DIY Kid’s Costumes

29 October 2013

Did Halloween sneak up on you this year?  Are you now left wondering what the heck to dress up your kid as with no time to shop?  Here are some easy DIY Kids Costumes that you’ll be able to create at home lickity split!  Most of these can be created with items you already have […]

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Halloween Tasty Treats

24 October 2013

One of the best parts of Halloween is all the cool, cooky recipes you can can cook up in your kitchen.  Whether you’re going for creepy or cute, there are tons of deliciously unique recipe ideas that’ll leave you with some Halloween tasty treats.   Here are a just a few of our favorite recipes for […]

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Couples Costume Ideas

22 October 2013

Have you and your significant other ever left the house wearing similar outfits?  Any other day of year you get called “twins” or the man is accused of letting the woman pick out his clothes, but on Halloween coordinating your costume with your lover is encouraged!  From hot Hollywood couples, to common household items, the […]

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